WTCR Live Streaming 2023

WTCR Live Stream

WTCR Live Streaming 2023

Watch Online WTCR (World Touring Car Cup) Live


The WTCR of the FIA World Touring Car Cup is an international racing cup featuring touring cars, mostly saloons, and hatchbacks. The WTCR is organized by the Federation Internationale de Automobile (FIA) sanctioning body for top-level auto racing tournaments. 


In the early 90s, the popularity of touring car category races upsurged, and the FIA introduced a world cup-level tournament with the name Touring Car World Cup in 1993, in which many touring car race enthusiasts participated, After that, the name was again changed to World Touring Car Championship which lasted until 2017. In December 2017, the World Touring Car Cup was formed using the Touring Car (TCR) rules, which have already been used in many touring car racing competitions. The first WTCR race took place in 2018 and was won by Gabriele Tarquini. 
In October 2022, it was announced that the series would end its current format, introduced in 2018, and any changes to the series will be announced later.


WTCR cars
The cars used in FIA WTCR are mostly saloons and hatchbacks with an engine displacement from 1.5 to 2.0 liters. These engines can be tuned to maximize their performance, they are often turbocharged for better output, but according to the rules the engine power output cannot exceed the limit of 350 Hp.

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